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सदस्य बनें @ 530 रु में और प्रिंट संस्करण के साथ पाएं ई- संस्करण बिल्कुल मुफ्त ।। केवल ई- संस्करण @ 400 रु || विज्ञापनदाता ध्यान दें !! विज्ञापनदाताओं से अनुरोध है कि रिक्तियों का पूर्ण विवरण दें। छोटे विज्ञापनों का न्यूनतम आकार अब 200 वर्ग सेमी होगा || || नई विज्ञापन नीति ||

विशेष लेख

Volume-53, 31 March-6 April, 2018


Test of General Awareness

(Useful for IBPS (Clerks & Officers)/SBI /SSC/UPSC Exams.)

Q1.         Choose from the four options, the word that best substitutes the given phrase.

                "Big cheese"

A.            An unsettled point of disagreement

B.            An important, successful, or influential person

C.            Make a wrong or inappropriate choice

D.            Prepare for difficult times

Q2.         Pick the word that is spelt CORRECTLY.

A.            Existance

B.            Ignorence

C.            Exhilarate

D.            Indispensible

Q3.         Choose from the four options, the word that best substitutes the given phrase.

                "Handwriting that is difficult or impossible  to read"

A.            Illegible

B.            Decipherable

C.            Dim

D.            Dull

Q4.         Choose from the four options, the word that best substitutes the given phrase.

                "Food or drink that tastes pleasant"

A.            Astringent

B.            Inedible

C.            Tasteless

D.            Palatable

Q5.         Choose from the four options, the word that best substitutes the given phrase.

                "Easily influenced or controlled"

A.            Malleable

B.            Stiff

C.            Rigid

D.            Firm

Q6 . Choose the correct alternative which will improve the part of the sentence given in quotes.

                Sanjay's sister 'is suffered' from diabetes for the past three years.

A.            Is suffer

B.            Has been suffering

C.            Has suffer

D.            No improvement

Q7.         Choose the correct alternative which will improve the part of the sentence given in quotes.

                How can Suresh mobilize help from co-workers without 'being cordially to' them?

A.            Being cordially for

B.            Been cordially to

C.            Being cordial to

D.            Cordially being to

Q8.         Choose the correct alternative which will improve the part of the sentence given in quotes.

                Anyone who 'known to Tamil Nadu's villages knows' the meaning of drought.

A.            Knowing Tamil Nadu's villages knows

B.            Is known to Tamil Nadu's villages know

C.            Knew Tamil Nadu's villages knowing

D.            Knows Tamil Nadu's villages knows

Q9.         Choose the correct alternative which will improve the part of the sentence given in quotes.

                His aggressive behaviour 'needs to deal with.'

A.            Needed to deal with

B.            Needs dealing with

C.            Needs to be dealt with

D.            Needed dealing off with

Q10.       Choose the correct alternative which will improve the part of the sentence given in quotes.

                A friend of Siva told him not to 'worry for expenditure.'

A.            Worry about the expenditure

B.            Worry in the expenditure

C.            Worried for expenditure

D.            Worried off the expenditure

Q11.       A business man knows that the price of a commodity will increase by Rs. 5 per packet. He bought some packets of this commodity for Rs. 4500. If he bought this packet on the new price, then he gets 10 packets less. What is the number of packets bought by him?

A.            50

B.            90

C.            100

D.            125

Q12.       Find the value of (a+b+c)³-3(b+c)(c+a) (a+b) if a=5, b=3 and c=2.

A.            120

B.            160

C.            180

D.            240

Q13.       The radius of the incircle of a triangle is 4 cm        and the segments into which one side is divided by the point of contact are 6 cm and 8 cm. Then the length of the shortest side of the triangle is-

A.            12 cm

B.            13 cm

C.            14 cm

D.            15 cm

Q14.       AB and CD are parallel chords of a circle such that AB = 10 cm and CD = 24 cm. If the chords are on opposite sides of the centre and the distance between them is 17 cm, what is the radius of the circle?

A.            10 cm

B.            13 cm

C.            17 cm

D.            20 cm

Q15.       The difference between two positive integers is 3. If the sum of their squares is 369, then the sum of the numbers is-

A.            25

B.            27

C.            33

D.            81

Q16.       A circular wire of radius 42 cm is bent in the form of a rectangle whose sides are in the ratio of  6 : 5. The smaller side of the rectangle is-

A.            25 cm

B.            30 cm

C.            36 cm

D.            60 cm

Q17.       The salaries of Amar, Baskar and Fazel are in the ratio 2 : 3 : 5. If the increments of 15%, 10% and 20% are allowed respectively in their salaries, then what will be the new ratio of their salaries?

A.            3 : 3 : 10

B.            10 : 11 : 20

C.            23 : 33 : 60

D.            Cannot be determined

Q18.       Out of 9 persons, 8 persons spent Rs. 30 each for their meals. The ninth one spent Rs. 20 more than the average expenditure of all the nine. The total money spent by all of them was-

A.            Rs. 260

B.            Rs. 290

C.            Rs. 292.5

D.            Rs. 400.5

Q19.       A person sold a radio at a loss of 5%. Had he sold it for Rs. 210 more, he would have gained 25%. For what value, should he sell it in order to gain 35%?

A.            Rs. 645

B.            Rs. 654

C.            Rs. 945

D.            Rs. 954

Q20.       In a class, 70% of the students read Hindi. 40% of the students are boys and 20% of the girls do not read Hindi. Then what percentage of boys will read Hindi?

A.            16%

B.            22%

C.            48%

D.            55%

Q21.       Peter invested an amount of Rs. 12000 at the rate of 10% per annum Simple Interest and another amount at the rate of 20% per annum Simple Interest. The total interest earned at the end of one year on the total amount invested became 14% per annum. Find the total amount invested.

A.            Rs. 20000

B.            Rs. 22000

C.            Rs. 24000

D.            Rs. 25000

Q22.       Mr. David invested money in two schemes A and B offering Compound Interest at 8% per annum and 9% per annum respectively. If the total amount of interest accrued through two schemes together in two years was Rs. 4818.30 and the total amount invested was Rs. 27000, how much amount was invested in scheme A?

A.            Rs. 12000

B.            Rs. 13500

C.            Rs. 15000

D.            Rs. 18000

Q23.       Ram lost 12.5% of his money and spends 80% of the remainder. Finally, he is left with Rs. 350. How much did he have in the beginning?

A.            Rs. 1000

B.            Rs. 2000

C.            Rs. 3000

D.            Rs. 4000

Q24.       Two trains, 70m and 80m long, run at the rates of 68 and 40 kilometres an hour respectively on parallel rails in opposite directions. How long will they take to pass each other?

A.            2 seconds

B.            3 seconds

C.            4 seconds

D.            5 seconds

Q25.       In a college, the number of students studying Arts, Commerce and Science are in the ratio of 3 : 5 : 8 respectively. If the number of students studying Arts, Commerce and Science is increased by 20%, 40% and 25% respectively, what will be the new ratio of students in Arts, Commerce and Science respectively?

A.            4 : 8 : 5

B.            3 : 10 : 10

C.            18 : 35 : 50

D.            32 : 35 : 25

Q26.       A person has Rs. 10000. He invests a part of it at 5% per annum and the rest at 3% per annum simple interest. Thus he earns Rs. 380 per annum as interest from his total investment. Find the amounts invested in each case.

A.            Rs. 4000 and Rs. 6000

B.            Rs. 4500 and Rs. 6000

C.            Rs. 5000 and Rs. 8000

D.            Rs. 4000 and Rs. 6500

Q27.       What is the expansion of MUDRA which is a public sector bank in India?

A.            Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency

B.            Micro Units Department and Refinance Assembly

C.            Micro Union Development and Refinery Agency

D.            Minimum Units Development and Refinance Association

Q28.       Pulitzer prize is awarded for outstanding work in the field of -

A.            Science and Technology

B.            Environmental Studies

C.            Literature and Journalism

D.            Economics

Q29.       The planet which does NOT have a planetary ring around it is -

A.            Saturn

B.            Jupiter

C.            Venus

D.            Uranus

Q30.       Which of the following is NOT a primary Greenhouse gas?

A.            Oxygen

B.            Nitrous oxide

C.            Water vapour

D.            Ozone

Q31.       Thiamine is the chemical name of which vitamin?

A.            B1

B.            B2

C.            B5

D.            B6

Q32.       Which is the first Football club in India?

A.            Mohun Bagan Athletic Club

B.            R B Ferguson Club

C.            Calcutta Cricket and Football Club

D.            F.C. Green Valley

Q33.       Who is the first Indian woman to win an Olympic medal?

A.            P.T. Usha

B.            Kamaljeet Sandhu

C.            Karnam Malleswari

D.            Lalita Babar

Q34.       Who is the missile Scientist of DRDO behind the successful mission AGNI-IV?

A.            A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

B.            Tessy Thomas

C.            A. Sivathanu Pillai

D.            V.K. Saraswat

Q35.       The Lotus temple in Delhi is the house of worship for which of the following communities?

A.            Hindu

B.            Buddhist

C.            Jain

D.            Baha'i

Q36.       The Bhor Ghats is located in the State      of ______.

A.            Madhya Pradesh

B.            Haryana

C.            Maharashtra

D.            Chhattisgarh

Q37.       In which State is the Pandoh dam located?

A.            Punjab

B.            Himachal Pradesh

C.            Gujarat

D.            Uttar Pradesh

Q38.       The Hague city is located in-

A.            Bolivia

B.            Netherlands

C.            Chile

D.            Czech Republic

Q39.       which of the following languages is NOT present among the fifteen languages that appear on a contemporary Indian currency note?

A.            Konkani

B.            Tulu

C.            Nepali

D.            Kashmiri

Q40.       As per the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution of India, which of the following languages has NOT been recognised yet?

A.            Sanskrit

B.            Urdu

C.            Konkani

D.            English

Q41.       The first woman Chief Minister served in which Indian State?

A.            Uttar Pradesh

B.            Odisha

C.            Goa

D.            Tamil Nadu

Q42. The concept of 'Airport in the Forest, Forest in the Airport', was used in the design of which International Airport?

A.            Dubai

B.            Vancouver

C.            Kuala Lumpur

D.            Hong Kong


Answer key of Qs, Published in Issue

24-30 March, 2018

1              D

2              C

3              A

4              B

5              D

6              C

7              A

8              D

9              B

10           A

11           C

12           A

13           C

14           B

15           D

16           A

17           A

18           C

19           B

20           B

21           A

22           B

23           A

24           B

25           A

26           C

27           B

28           A

29           B

30           D

31           D

32           C

33           D

34           C

35           B

36           A