रोज़गार समाचार
सदस्य बनें @ 530 रु में और प्रिंट संस्करण के साथ पाएं ई- संस्करण बिल्कुल मुफ्त ।। केवल ई- संस्करण @ 400 रु || विज्ञापनदाता ध्यान दें !! विज्ञापनदाताओं से अनुरोध है कि रिक्तियों का पूर्ण विवरण दें। छोटे विज्ञापनों का न्यूनतम आकार अब 200 वर्ग सेमी होगा || || नई विज्ञापन नीति ||

विशेष लेख

Volume-30 December-5 January, 2017

Test of General Awareness
(Useful for IBPS (Clerks & Officers)/SBI/Railways/SSC/UPSC Exams)
Q 1) The Surface to Air Missile AKASH with indigenous radio frequency seeker against target Banshee, has been successfully launched from the Launch Complex-III at ITR. Where is Interim Test Rage (ITR) Facility ?
a)        Trivendrum
b)        Chandipur, Odisha
c)         Ahmedabad
d)        Bengaluru
Q2)     Where is Bose Institute ? 
a)        Dispur
b)        Kolkata
c)         Mumbai
d)        New Delhi
Q 3)    In the abbreviation  ADMM, the letter  A stands for what ?
a)        ASEAN
b)        Accounts
c)         Atomic
d)        Atmosphere
Q4)     In the abbreviation IGST, the letter ‘I’ stands for what ?
a)        Integrated  
b)        Interim
c)         Interest
d)        India
Q5)     Which theme has made the 2017 edition of GES stood out?
a)        Food for all
b)        “Women First, Prosperity for All”
c)         Health for all
d)        Houses of all
Q6) When has  America observed National Entrepreneurs’ Day in 2017?
a)        August 15th
b)        November 21st
c)         November 14th
d)        November 19th
Q 7)    For which of the following, India has been re-elected to the under Category “B” at the 30th session of the Assembly  held in London on 01 December, 2017 ?
a)        WTO
b)        Council of the International Maritime Organization [IMO]
c)         WHO
d)        IAEA
Q8)     When is International Day of Persons with Disabilities observed ?
a)        December 1st
b)        December, 3rd
c)         December 15th
d)        December 22nd
Q9)     According to Census 2011, how many  persons  are there with disabilities (PwDs) in our country who exhibit great diversity in terms of quantum of disability as well as types of disabilities ?
a)        1.6 crore
b)        2.68 crore
c)         1.5 crore
d)        None of these
Q10)  In green and beautiful land of Kisama,  Hornbill Festival 2017 was celebrated. Where is Kisama?
a)        Nagaland
b)        Meghalaya
c)         Manipur
d)        West Bengal
Q11)  Who is the chairman of 15th Finance Commission?
a)        Shri Shaktikanta Das
b)        N .K.Singh
c)         Dr. Anoop Singh
d)        Dr. Ashok Lahiri
Q12)  Where was “6th International Tourism Mart” (ITM). organised?
a)        Kolkata
b)        Guwahati, Assam
c)         Bhubaneswar
d)        Itanagar
Q13)  How many diverse agro-climatic zones does India have?
a)        As many as 127 diverse agro-climatic zones
b)        50
c)         60
d)        40
Q14)  To ensure food and nutritional security in India, which schemes are being implemented ?
a)        National Food Security Mission (NFSM)
b)        National Horticulture Mission (NHM)
c)         National Mission on Oilseeds and Oil Palm (NMOOP)
d)        All the above
Q15)  What are the highlights of mid-term review of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) (2015-2020)?
a)        The FTP will focus on exports from labour intensive and MSME sectors by way of increased incentives in order to increase employment opportunities. 
b)        Emphasis  will be given on ‘Ease of Trading’ across borders.
c)         Focus on increasing the incentives for labour intensive MSME sectors. 
d)        All the above
Q16)  With whom the ISA, an Indian initiative, has been jointly launched by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi on 30th November 2015 in Paris, on the sidelines of COP-21, the UN Climate Conference ?
a)        President of France
b)        President of USA
c)         PM of UK
d)        PM of Canada
Q17)  What are the aims of ISA?  Give other details.
a)        It aims at addressing obstacles to deployment at scale of solar energy through better harmonization and aggregation of demand from solar rich countries lying fully or    partially between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of  Capricorn. 
b)        As of date, 46 countries have signed and 19 countries have ratified the Framework Agreement of ISA.
c)         Both (a) & (b)
d)        None of these
Q18)  Which Rivers are flowing in South Odisha and North Andhra Pradesh Coast ? 
a)        Rishikulya,
b)        Vamsadhara
c)         Nagavali
d)        All the above
Q19)  Which of the following are the tributaries of  River Krishna ?
a)        Paleru,
b)        Munneru, 
c)         Wyra
d)        All the above
Q20)  On the lines of power   circuits for better water conservation, which is needed from the following :
a)        River connectivity, construction of Barrages, Dams, Rubber Dams and Bandhas, drip and piped irrigation in the country highlight the need for water circuits in India
b)        Solar ponds
c)         Solar evaporation
d)        None of these
Q21)  Where will the  4th NITI Aayog - DRC Dialogue be convened in 2018 ? 
a)        India
b)        Sri Lanka
c)         Bangladesh
d)        Bhutan
Q22)  Who is the chairman of National Crisis Management Committee ?
a)        P K Sinha
b)        VK Sharma
c)         BC Tripathi
d)        Atul Sobti
Q23)  Recent review of FTP (2015-20) would focus on micro, small and medium enterprises, labour intensive segments and agriculture sector. Which of the following is correct ?  
a)        The value of new incentives is Rs.8,000 crore
b)        Trade accounts for 45% of the India’s GDP
c)         FTP incentives now cover 8,000 of the total 12,000 lines of items.
d)        All the above
Q24)  When is the  World Soil Day observed ?
a)        December 5th
b)        September 5th
c)         March 21st
d)        December 10th
Q25)  Under whose command, on the harvest festival of Baisakhi ( April 13, 1919), British troops opened fire at a crowd of unarmed people in Jalianwalla bagh?
a)        Brigadier – General Reginald Dyere
b)        George Orwell
c)         Arthur Lee
d)        Henry Edward Stokes
Q26)  Who has been selected as ‘2017 Person of the Year’ by Time Magazine ?
a)        Donald Trump
b)        ‘The Silence Breakers’
c)         Barak Obama
d)        Rex Tillerson
Q27)  When is Navy Day celebrated ?
a)        February 4th
b)        December 4th
c)         April 7th
d)        January 9th
Q28)  To which civilization, Port town of Lothal (Gujarat) can be traced back, marking the beginning of an ancient tradition of trade by sea ?
a)        Harappan civilisation
b)        Aryan
c)         Sangam
d)        None of these
Q29)  ‘KUSUM’ (Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan) covers which of the following ? 
a)        Setting up of 10,000 MW of Decentralized Ground Mounted Grid Connected Solar Power Plants,
b)        Installation of 17.50 lakh Stand-alone Solar Pumps and
c)         Solarisation of 10 lakh Grid Connected Agriculture Pumps and 50 Thousand Tube-wells/Lift Irrigation Projects by Financial Year 2021-22, with the objective of providing  financial and water security to farmers
d)        All the above
Q30)  What are the recent additions for better management of Fair Price shops? 
a)        Equipping ePoS devices with Best Finger Detection (BFD)
b)        Fusion Finger Detection (FFD)
c)         IRIS features to minimize the instances of failure of bio-metric authentication, integration of electronic weighing machines with ePoS devices
d)        All the above
Q31)  INS Kalpeni, with six local fishermen embarked, undertook guided search for missing/fishing vessels in distress for the second day at “Bassas de Pedro”, a traditional fishing area. Where is ‘Bassas de Pedro’  ?
a)        Near Lakshadweep islands
b)        Andaman & Nicobar
c)         Yanam
d)        Puducherry
Q32)  Which of the following   is correct? (Gallantry Award : Monthly allowance)
a)        Param Vir Chakra (PVC):   Rs.20,000
b)        Maha Vir Chakra (MVC) :  Rs.10,000
c)         Ashoka Chakra : Rs.12,000
d)        All the above (Revised w.e.f.1.8.2017)
Q33)  The MPC has also retained its annual GVA forecast for FY 2018 of 6.7 per cent recognizing several significant developments. It also emphasised the Government’s reform efforts on which of the following :
a)        GST
b)        Bank Recapitalization Package
c)         Improving Ease of Doing Business Ranking
d)        All the above
Q34)  Which area was the most affected by the Severe Cyclonic Storm 'OCKHI'?
a)        Lakshadweep
b)        Kerala
c)         Southern part of Tamilnadu
d)        All the above
Q35) “Towards A Pollution Free Planet” is the theme of the 3rd United Nations Environment Assembly.  Where was it recently conducted ?
a)        Nairobi
b)        Kenya
c)         Zimbabwe
d)        South Africa
Q36)  When is the International Yoga Day celebrated ?
a)        June 21
b)        March 21
c)         April 22
d)        May 31
Q37)  From which country, the  name ‘Ockhi’ for the Cyclone has come from?
a)        Bangladesh  ( Meaning of Ockhi :  ‘eye’)
b)        Pakistan
c)         Nepal
d)        Bhutan
Q38) With how much fee, under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (Code), a Stakeholder may file a complaint in the Specified Form along ?
a)        Rs.2,500
b)        Rs.5,000
c)         Rs.10,000
d)        None of these
Q39)  Which country has hosted the “Bodhi Parva: BIMSTEC Festival of Buddhist Heritage” from 8 to 10 December as part of celebrations of 20th anniversary of BIMSTEC? 
a)        Myanmar
b)        India
c)         Sri Lanka
d)        Thailand
Q40)  How does VVPAT machine work ? What are its advantages ?
a)        In the VVPAT machine, a paper slip is generated bearing the name and symbol of the candidate to whom the vote has been cast and remains visible to the Voter through a transparent window for 7 seconds.
b)        VVPAT enables the voter to verify instantly that the vote cast by him has been recorded correctly in favour of the candidate of his choice
c)         Thereby,  it  is injecting greater transparency and credibility to the whole voting process.
d)        All the above
Test of General Awareness
(Useful for IBPS (Clerks &  Officers)/SBI /SSC/UPSC Exams)
Answer key
1.        B
2.        B
3.        A
4.        A
5.        B
6.        B
7.        B
8.        B
9.        B
10.      A
11.      B
12.      B
13.      A
14.      D
15.      D
16.      A
17.      C
18.      D
19.      D
20.      A
21.      A
22.      A
23.      D
24.      A
25.      A
26.      B         
27.      B
28.      A
29.      D
30.      D
31.      A
32.      D
33.      D
34.      D
35.      A
36.      A
37.      A
38.      A
39.      B
40.      D