रोज़गार समाचार
सदस्य बनें @ 530 रु में और प्रिंट संस्करण के साथ पाएं ई- संस्करण बिल्कुल मुफ्त ।। केवल ई- संस्करण @ 400 रु || विज्ञापनदाता ध्यान दें !! विज्ञापनदाताओं से अनुरोध है कि रिक्तियों का पूर्ण विवरण दें। छोटे विज्ञापनों का न्यूनतम आकार अब 200 वर्ग सेमी होगा || || नई विज्ञापन नीति ||

विशेष लेख

Volume-42, 13-19 January , 2018

Model Question Paper
SSC Matric Level Posts Exam (held on 26/03/2017)
मॉडल प्रश्न पत्र
एसएससी मैट्रिक स्तरीय पदों की परीक्षा (२६.०३.२०१७ को आयोजित)

Q1.         In an examination 38% of students fail in English and 61% pass  in Hindi and 23% fail in both. Find the actual failure percentage.
A.            50%
B.            54%
C.            61%
D.            65%
Q2.         What must be subtracted from each term of the ratio 3 : 7 so that the ratio becomes 1 : 3?
A.            1
B.            2
C.            3
D.            4
Q3.         Out of 12 results, the average of 11 results is 32. If the average of first 6 results is 34 and the average of last 6 results is 33, find out the 12th result.
A.            50
B.            65
C.            60
D.            55
Q4.         The average of first seven multiples of 3 is.
A.            6
B.            9
C.            12
D.            15
Q5.         At what rate percent will an amount double itself in 20 years at Simple Interest?
A.            4%
B.            5%
C.            6%
D.            8%
Q6.         The Compound Interest on Rs. 15000 at 8% per annum for 1 year compounded half   yearly is.
A.            Rs. 1200
B.            Rs. 1224
C.            Rs. 1432
D.            Rs. 1500
Q7.         The cost of 15 pens was recovered by the sale of 12 pens only. Find the gain percent.
A.            16.50%
B.            20%
C.            25%
D.            40%
Q8.         If an article is sold for Rs. 178 at a loss of       11%, then what should be its selling price in order to earn a profit       of 11%?
A.            Rs. 220
B.            Rs. 220.50
C.            Rs.222
D.            Rs. 267
Q9.         The true discount on a bill for Rs. 1260 due 6 months hence at 10% per annum is.
A.            Rs. 60
B.            Rs. 80
C.            Rs. 160
D.            Rs. 260
Q10.       The area of right angled triangle with base 6 m and hypotenuse 6.5 m is:
A.            6.5 m²
B.            7.5 m²
C.            8.5 m²
D.            9.5 m²
Q11.       If the bisector of an angle of triangle bisects the opposite side, then the triangle is:
A.            Scalene
B.            Isosceles
C.            Right triangle
D.            Equilateral
Q12.       A train crosses a man in 10 seconds, but a bridge 200 m long in 18 seconds. The speed of the train is.
A.            60 km/hr
B.            75 km/hr
C.            90 km/hr
D.            105 km/hr
Q13.       A 135 m long train is running with a speed of 54 km per hour. In what time will it pass a telegraph post?
A.            7 seconds
B.            9 seconds
C.            11 seconds
D.            12 seconds
Q14.       If 3 workers collect 48 kg of cotton in 4 days, how many kg of cotton will 9 workers collect in 2 days?
A.            32
B.            72
C.            108
D.            216
Q15.       A cistern is normally filled in 8 hours but takes two hours longer to fill because of a leak in its bottom. If the cistern is full, then the leak will empty it in.
A.            16 hours
B.            20 hours
C.            25 hours
D.            40 hours
Q16.       What is the capital of Myanmar ?
A.            Naypyidaw
B.            Yangon
C.            Mandalay
D.            Meiktila
Q17.       The currency of Thailand is:
A.            Peso
B.            Baht
C.            Dollar
D.            Pound
Q18.       Which country has won the Football World Cup the maximum number of times?
A.            Italy
B.            Uruguay
C.            West Germany
D.            Brazil
Q19.       Which Indian cricketer has been conferred Arjuna Award in the year 2016?
A.            Yuvraj Singh
B.            Mahendra Singh Dhoni
C.            Ajinkya Rahane
D.            Rohit Sharma
Q20.       The term 'Butterfly stroke' is related with which sport?
A.            Swimming
B.            Boxing
C.            Wrestling
D.            Kabaddi
Q21.       English education in India was introduced by:
A.            Lord Dalhousie
B.            Lord Curzon
C.            Lord Macaulay
D.            Lord Ripon
Q22.       The founder of the city of Hyderabad was.
A.            Ibrahim Qutb Shah
B.            Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah
C.            Abdullah Qutb Shah
D.            Jamshid Qutb Shah
Q23 . 'Dandia' is a popular dance of.
A.            Gujarat
B.            Punjab
C.            Maharashtra
D.            Tamil Nadu
Q24.       Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum is situated in.
A.            Agra
B.            Lucknow
C.            Allahabad
D.            Varanasi
Q25.       Which of the following words best describes the shape of our galaxy?
A.            Spherical
B.            Elliptical
C.            Spiral
D.            Barred-spiral
Q26.       The ________ is the largest mangrove forest in India .
A.            Pichavaram
B.            Pitara
C.            Sundarbans
D.            Bhitarkanika
Q27.       What is the expansion of 'B2B'?
A.            Border to Border
B.            Business to Business
C.            Business to Border
D.            Border to Business
Q28.       Who was the first woman to become a Chief Election Commissioner of India?
A.            V.S. Ramadevi
B.            Sarojini Naidu
C.            S.K. Bedi
D.            Fathima Beevi
Q29.       Who is the present Chief Minister of West Bengal?
A.            Mamata Banerjee
B.            Harish Rawat
C.            Chandrasekhara Rao
D.            Pawan Chamling
Q30.       If a Panchayat is dissolved, elections are to be held within.
A.            1 month
B.            3 months
C.            6 months
D.            1 year
Q31.       Who invented the electric generator?
A.            Sir Alexander Graham Bell
B.            Michael Faraday
C.            Alfred B. Nobel
D.            Thomas Alva Edison
Q32.       Who is the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize?
A.            C. V. Raman
B.            Rajiv Gandhi
C.            Rabindranath Tagore
D.            Mother Teresa
Q33. Which is the largest museum in the world?
A.            British Museum, London
B.            State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
C.            Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad
D.            Louvre, Paris
Q34.       Who was the first lady  to be awarded Jnanpith Award in India?
A.            Mahadevi Verma
B.            Amrita Pritam
C.            Mahasweta Devi
D.            Ashapurna Devi
Q35.       Which is the State flower of Uttrakhand?
A.            Brahma kamal
B.            Lily
C.            Daffodil
D.            Sunflower
Q36.       Swami Vivekananda’s birthday is celebrated as-
A.            World Religious Day
B.            National Youth Day
C.            All saints Day
D.            Hindu Renaissance Day
Q37.       Which is the smallest country in the world?
A.            Vatican City
B.            Monaco
C.            San Marino
D.            Tuvalu
Q38.       'Angel Falls', the world's highest waterfall is situated in.
A.            Australia
B.            Spain
C.            Brazil
D.            Venezuela
Q39.       Many cities in India have undergone place name changes such as Baroda being renamed to_____.
A.            Badodara
B.            Varanasi
C.            Vadodara
D.            Banaras
Q40.       Name the Android App launched by the Indian Army on December 6, 2016, dedicated to the Army Veterans and Veer Naris.
A.            Veer Outreach App
B.            Veterans Reachout App
C.            Veterans Outreach App
D.            Veterans Outroute App
Test of General Awareness
(Useful for IBPS (Clerks &  Officers)/SBI /SSC/UPSC Exams)
Answer key
1.            B
2.            C
3.            A
4.            D
5.            D
6.            D
7.            B
8.            D
9.            B
10.          D
11.          C
12.          C
13.          B
14.          D
15.          A
16.          D
17.          B
18.          B
19.          D
20.          A
21.          A
22.          A
23.          B
24.          B
25.          B
26.          C            
27.          A
28.          C
29.          D
30.          C
31.          D
32.          B
33.          C
34.          B
35.          A
36.          A
37.          A
38.          C
39.          B
40.          C
41.          C
42.          A
43.          C
44.          C
45.          C
46.          A